Triumph Rechargeable Folding Desk Lamp - Black

Triumph Rechargeable Folding Desk Lamp - Black

The contemporary styling of the Rechargeable LED Folding Desk Lamp adds a wow factor to your sewing area.  Its solid, sturdy base resists tipping over and the brilliant daylight lamp folds down to a compact and lightweight hand-sized unit which easily fits into a pocket or purse. This light is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use!  Featuring 30 brilliantly LEDs that have three light intensity settings controlled by a touch sensitive on and off button, there will the perfect light for every situation. Furthermore, with a lithium battery and its own built-in USB port, you can recharge from your computer, USB power adapter from your phone, tablet or other USB powered device to plug the light directly into a mains power socket. USB power adaptors can also be purchased easily. Available in both Black and White. There will be no stopping you now!

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 18 November, 2013.
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