How To Make A Jedi Costume

Sewing Your Own Star Wars Jedi Or Sith Robe

Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi in Jedi robe.

After watching the Star Wars movies, very few people can say that they have not thought about adorning the robes of the Jedi Order, picking up their Lightsaber and going to work on saving the galaxy. We may not be able to help you with the Lightsaber, but as long as you have a sewing machine and some spare materials, we have the pattern (plans) for a nice and simple Jedi (or Sith) robe.

Depending on whether you want to be Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Darth Sideious, the colour of the fabric that you choose will be different. We recommend using medium weight cotton fabric that is 150cm (or ideally 175cm) wide and of course, one of our trusty Janome sewing machines.

Things You’ll Need

What to Do

  1. With the fabric on the floor, fold it in half widthways (so the short sides are together).
  2. Fold it again lengthwise, lining up the long edges.
  3. Write down your chest and shoulder measurement. Measure your chest just below the arms with your tape measure. Divide that number by four and add 5 centimetres (2 inches) to the number (remember that you would the robe to fit loosely on you). Write down this number, labelling it “Chest.” Then measure your shoulder width by wrapping the measuring tape around your shoulders. Divide that measurement by two and add 7.5cm (3 inches) and label it “Shoulder”.
  4. Starting at the top, folded edge of the fabric, measure down the side folded edge until you reach the shoulder measurement. Make a mark with the dressmaker’s pencil. From this mark, measure out from the fold until you reach the chest measurement. Make an obvious mark with the dressmaker’s pencil.
  5. Angling your sewing ruler out from the obvious mark you made, draw a line toward the raw edge of the fabric. This will create the bell-shaped sleeve for your Jedi robe. Then angle the sewing ruler down from the mark and draw a line until you reach the bottom of the fabric. Cut on these lines.
  6. Unfold the fabric once, leaving it folded at the top. Pin the sides from the bottom of the robe, under the arm, to the end of the sleeve. Sew the edges of both sides of the material together. If you have an overlocker, you may choose to overlock the edge.
  7. Place the robe on the floor again. Cut up the centre through one layer of fabric until you reach the top. Then cut a three-inch notch on each side to open the neck. Try it on and trim the neckline to fit you.
  8. Hem the robe to hide all raw edges and adjust the sleeve and overall length to fit you.
  9. Put on the shirt, pants, and boots. Layer the robe on top and take over the empire or save the known worlds from the Dark Side.