Sewing Machine Repairs Brisbane

Sewing Machine Repairs & Servicing in Brisbane

How often have you started a new sewing machine project, just to have your machine seize, start running slowly or make unusual noises? With our same-day sewing machine repairs and servicing in Brisbane, you won’t lose a second more than you need to, with our expert, certified technicians here to extend the lifespan of your sewing machine, embroidery machine, quilting machine or overlocker.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, seamstress or teacher of the trade, our sewing machine repairs and servicing in Brisbane will keep your machine running like new. We offer safe-day sewing machine servicing, as well as on-site school sewing machine servicing and repairs to help out our teachers sharing their love of sewing. Drop your machine into our Everton Park Janome Service Centre or contact us for a free quote.

Same-Day Sewing Machine Service in Brisbane With 12-Month Warranty

Having been repairing and servicing sewing machines in Brisbane for more than 60 years, we know the difference having a good sewing machine service centre in Brisbane can make. We don’t just ‘spray and pray’ with our repairs, but provide the specific servicing you need, whether you only need an oil change or minor maintenance or a full overhaul to get you back sewing the way you’re used to with the performance your high-quality machine should provide. We’re so confident in our work that you receive a 12-month warranty with every same-day sewing machine service in Brisbane, as well as on all our repairs.

By request, we can provide same-day sewing machine servicing in Brisbane, otherwise turnover is typically between 24 to 48 hours, one of the quickest, yet most thorough, in the area. Call to request a free, no-obligation quote.

Why Choose Our Master Janome & Elna Sewing Machine Repair Team

Did you know sewing machines are classified as small motor appliances, requiring any repairs to be completed by a licensed electrician under Australian electrical standards? Furthermore, Janome requires technicians working on their machines to undergo specialised training to even be able to access high-end sewing machine parts, while only Elna factory-trained technicians can access the correct gauges and tools to perform essential maintenance and repairs. 

With our fully-trained Janome and Elna team, restricted electrical licence and one of the last Swiss Elna factory-trained technicians in Australia, your sewing machine overlocker, quilting machine or embroidery machine is in the very best of hands. You invested into a high-quality machine, and we ensure you have access to the maintenance, servicing and repairs your machine needs to stay that way. Request a free quote from the best today.

Our Sewing Machine Servicing Process

Our aim with every sewing machine service in Brisbane is to get your machine back to the same or as near condition as the day you took it out of the box. For some machines, this may be a simple minor service with an oil clean and reset, or a complete overhaul where your machine is stripped, cleaned, lubricated, remachined, retimed, re-assembled, the tensions are reset and restored operationally to its factory condition. We’ll provide guidance on what your machine needs, or whether it may be time to consider a new machine to deliver the results you need for your sewing projects.

Sewing Teacher

On-Site School Sewing Machine Servicing in the Brisbane Region

Even the most well-run class can be thrown off track by a malfunctioning sewing, embroidery or quilting machine, or overlocker. This is why we offer in-class school sewing machine servicing in Brisbane to help get your machine back running like new with as little disruption to your classes or schedule. Our Brisbane sewing machine mechanics regularly attend callouts to schools, TAFEs and colleges throughout the region, helping teachers and students get back sewing again as soon as possible.

Call or email to book a callout from our Brisbane sewing machine mechanics.

Free Quotes for Janome Sewing Machine Repairs in Brisbane

Sewing machine repairs and servicing is far from a one-size-fits-all solution. This is why we provide no-obligation, free quotes over the phone, via email or at our Janome Service Centre in Everton Park. For machines coming to the end of their life, we’ll advise on our recommendation before commencing any work, as it may benefit you to consider a new machine over servicing or repairs.

Our honesty and expertise are just two of the reasons we have been one of the leading sewing machine repairers in Brisbane for more than 40 years. Call, email or drop into our Everton Park location for a free quote.

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Authentic Elna & Janome Sewing Machine Parts Replacement

Since 1980, our team at the Janome Service Centre in Everton Park have been the go-to for authentic Elna and Janome sewing machine parts replacement. As you can imagine, in our time, we have seen every issue and part imaginable, so have extensive knowledge and experience in getting any sewing machine, embroidery machine, quilting machine or overlocker back up and running as it should. Whatever type of sewing machine you have, whatever issue you’re facing, we can help you extend your beloved machine’s life and keep it running as faithfully as it has since the day you bought it.

Drop off your machine at our Brisbane sewing machine centre in Everton Park, or call to arrange delivery today. We can even provide a box to safely deliver your machine, if you no longer have its original packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth fixing my sewing machine?

Yes, it’s most definitely worth fixing a sewing machine as it can often extend its life by years (even decades). Most of the time, strange noises, inconsistent feeding, issues with skipping stitches and an increase in broken needles for no reason can easily be fixed by a licensed sewing machine mechanic.

What is the average lifespan of a sewing machine?

The average lifespan of a sewing machine is between 5 to 25+ years. How long your sewing machine lasts depends on how frequently it’s used and how well it is maintained and serviced. Ensuring you have your sewing machine serviced by a professional once a year (or more frequently for heavy use) will help prolong its lifespan, as well as having it repaired when required. Also investing in a machine suitable for what you’ll be using it for will help ensure you’re not putting unnecessary strain on its motor and parts. A recognised sewing machine service centre will ensure your machine is receiving the care it needs to give you many years of use.

Can I service my sewing machine myself?

While you can perform some basic maintenance to your sewing machine at home, you should not service your sewing machine yourself. Sewing machine technicians or mechanics receive extensive training on how to maintain sewing machine parts, upgrade software and more. They should also have the appropriate electrical licence to perform repairs, as needed and as per Australian electrical code standards.

How do I know if my sewing machine needs to be serviced?

Some signs your sewing machines needs to be serviced include:

  • You have inherited or bought a second-hand sewing machine.
  • The Thread is getting stuck or is breaking frequently.
  • The machine’s engine is making strange sounds.
  • You see oil anywhere on your fabric or hands.
  • The thread will not catch so the machine won’t sew. 
  • It’s been more than 12 months since your last service (or more regularly for heavy users).

Any signs your machine is not running as it should, it’s a good indicator it’s time for a service. Drop your machine into our Brisbane sewing machine service centre or call to request a quote.