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Janome Ballpoint Machines
The Janome Ballpoint needle is the go-to needle for stretchy or knit fabrics. The rounded tip allows for the needle to slip between fibres rather than pierce them. Available in various sizes for different weights, simply select your desired size from the drop-down menu above.

There are many different types of hand-sew needles, so why can’t there be different machine needles?

While there aren’t as many different types of needles for your machine as hand sewing, you still should know the basics of what each needle does and how it can help you! It makes a big difference to your finished result having the correct needle so here’s some info to help guide you through. The most basic Needles are usually either the Sharp or Ballpoint.

The Common Sharp Needle

Janome Mixed Sharp Needles

For most standard sewing fabrics a straightforward 15 x 1 Sharp needle is all you need. Janome includes with all new machines a pack of mixed needles to get you started. They’re designed with an extra fine point to pierce densely woven fabrics such as microfiber or thin smooth fabric like taffeta or coated fabrics.

The Ballpoint Needle

Janome Ballpoint Needles

For stretchy fabrics that a sharp can struggle with, the 15 x 1 Ballpoint needle is what you need. It has a rounded tip that goes between the fibres of the fabric rather than cutting them. Use of a ballpoint needle is recommended on cotton knit, tricot, jersey knits and
swimwear fabrics. 

For more speciality fabrics and sewing projects like quilting, Janome produces needles that are identified by more than just the sharp of the needle tip. Various sizes, shapes, eyes and strength determine the class of needle. For these particulars, Janome supplies Purple, Red, and Blue tips among other specialty needles which offer the user features for specific applications.

The Purple Tip Needle
Janome Purple Tip Needles

 is a size 14 ball point needle with a specially designed cobra shaped tip specific for piercing thick layers of fabric, moving between fibres and effectively the best needle for avoiding skip stitches in stretch knit and quilting. Because they are designed to avoid skip stitching, they are also usable with Cover Stitch models.

The Blue Tip Needle

Janome Blue Tip Needle

is a size 11 ball point needle which is designed with a longer scarf (indentation on the back allowing the hook to pass closely and form the stitch). The
needle works well on light-medium weight knit fabrics and is the recommended needle for light
to medium weight embroidery. Also it works well when quilting with polyester thread.

The Red Tip Needle

Janome Red Tip Needles

is a size 14 sharp point, which is good for general sewing of medium
weight fabrics.The larger eye makes it great for thicker or corded threads like upholstery or metallic thread, which tends to split.

The Denim Needle

Janome Denim Needles

has a special wedge shaped tip with a sharp edge to produce optimum results
when sewing through multiple layers of dense thick fibers like denim and canvas.

The Leather Needle

Janome Leather Needles

has a lens shaped point for cutting through leather and leather type fabrics like vinyl. A longer stitch length is recommended so there is extra distance between the holes created by the needle, or else you may lessen the integrity of the material.

But what about these other numbers found on my needles?

Just like dress sizes, shoe sizes, and baking – every country has their own system of measurement. Luckily it’s not hard to gauge the equivalent!

Various sizes of Janome Needle Sizes

eg. A Janome Sharp size 9 will have 65/9 stamped on the shaft.

Shaft, Scarf, what are you talking about?

Oh right! We should probably talk about the structure of the needle! All Janome compatible needles will be the same shape at the shank to sit into the needle clamp – make sure the flat side faces away from you. All needle with be the same length so as not to interfere with the way your machine hook forms the stitch. It is only the size of the shaft and the shape of the tip that determines just how differently your sewing experience will be. That’s right – such a small thing can make a huge difference!
Structure of the Sewing Needles
How a Sewing Machine Needle is designed
So don’t settle for cheap generic needles – their quality and effectiveness can cost you more than their price tag. Use Genuine Janome Sewing Machine Needles to get the best sewing experience.
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