Janome Spool Pin Clip x2

Janome Spool Pin Clip x2

$6.00 inc. GST


2 x Janome Metal Push Clips

For use with Spool Pin Sleeves and Metal Spool Pin

Part Number: 652 019 001


Janome Spool Pins


These metal Clips are for use with the rubber spool pin sleeves and Metal Spool Pins seen in most sewing machines. Normally bought as a replacement for older sewing machines that have had their spool pins drop into the casing or have broken off altogether. The spool Pin, Sleeve and Push clip all work in conjunction to create a retractable spool pin in the top of most mechanical sewing machines. To install the spool pin sleeve the top of the casing needs to be removed. To see how to do this, it is best to refer to a service manual or consult your technician.

Janome Spool Pin Assembley Instructions



Once the top of the case is removed, the spool pin sleeve can be seen from the inside with the push clip in place. The push clip is what clamps onto the spool pin, stopping it from dropping into your machine. The curved edge wraps around the bushing or ‘sleeve’ while the straight edge sits into a notch in the rubber. The spool pin itself has several grooves in it that determine where it stops when retracted, and where to sit when raised. Three notches are seen at the top of the spool pin to provide grip when extracting. The steps to replace the spool pin are:

  1. Insert spool pin sleeve into the top of your machine casing.
  2. Insert metal spool pin into the spool pin sleeve with the three-notch end at the top.
  3. Slide Spool Push Clip onto the bottom of the spool pin sleeve, with the straight edge sitting inside the horizontal groove and the curved edge wrapped around the outside of the sleeve.

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Janome Spool Pin Clip x2
$6.00 inc. GST