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You won’t find a more convenient way to buy a brand new sewing machine that to buy online. Especially with Janome! It can be such a hassle to travel to a store only to find the sewing machine you are looking for is not in stock! This is an annoyance you just don’t have to deal with if you choose to purchase a new sewing machine online with Janome.
At Janome, we have the range of sewing machines Australia has been looking for, all available to purchase conveniently online! We also have all of the sewing machine accessories you will ever need, available to purchase online.
If you wish to buy your perfect sewing machine online, or any other great sewing machine accessories or products, look no further than Janome.

Janome 8200QC

Why Buy Sewing Machines Online with Janome?

At Janome we have the very best sewing machines Australia has available. Our online store sells the wide range of sewing machines Australia has been looking for. Howard Austin’s Janome Sewing Centre is a family run business with a love and passion for sewing and helping customers achieve their sewing dreams. You can trust us to provide value for money along with providing the convenience of making an online purchase and timely delivery.
Visa, MasterCard and PayPal payments are accepted online and all orders usually ship within 24 hours after the order is received.
Make your sewing machines online purchase with Janome and have confidence in your next sewing machine purchase. We have the valued history, passion for the products and high quality brand you can trust.

Our Products Online

Janome online is your one stop sewing machine and accessory shop. Whatever you may need to get a running start on your sewing project will be available here. We don’t just sell sewing machines online. All of the accessories and items you need to ensure your sewing is as easy and efficient as possible is available on our online store. If you do need any further assistance on any of the products we have available, do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to help you.
Take a look for yourself at the wide range of products we have to satisfy your sewing machine and sewing accessory needs.

Sewing Machines

Finding and purchasing the ideal sewing machine in our online store is so easy! If you are looking at purchasing a sewing machine in a specific price range, we have an easy to use slider that can filter the sewing machines by price. All sewing machines online are listed with clear names, pictures and prices. To have a closer look at the sewing machine product you are interested in, click on the product picture to find more information. Each product page provides a product description including technical and sewing features as well as storage and accessories information.
Once you are happy with the sewing machine selection that you have made, select ‘add to cart’ and proceed with the checkout process to make your purchase. Once payment has been confirmed, the sewing machine will be dispatched within 24 hours and you will have the sewing machine of your dreams in no time!
Janome 8002DX Overlocker

Overlocker Range

Overlock stitching will be easy and provide professional results with our overlocker range available for you online. The quality overlockers we stock can perform seaming, trimming and hemming with ease. This is the ultimate, hassle-free way to enjoy the versatility of overlock stitches. If you are serious about stitches, be sure to add an overlocker to your sewing arsenal.
Purchasing an overlocker online with Janome could not be easier. Look over our product range and pictures with the prices clearly marked. If you would like to see full details about the product, click on the product picture you desire and all of the inclusions and features will be listed for you. We are bound to have a suitable overlocker to assist your sewing, trimming and seaming needs. Once you have found the overlocker that you need, add it to your cart and proceed with the checkout and purchase process.
Your new overlocker will be shipped to you in no time at no extra cost to you. All of our products have FREE delivery Australia-wide.


Any small or large item you may require to achieve sewing success is available online in our haberdashery section. Our products range from the small necessary items such as thread, thimble rings and pin cushions right up to the useful larger items such as dressmaking dummies and a sewing storage unit. Whether you are a first time sewer or a sewing enthusiast, you will find something in the haberdashery section of our online store that you will need for your next sewing project. Be sure to look over every page of products in this section as you may come across that perfect item you may not have originally considered.

Cabinets and Tables

Every great sewing machine needs its own perfect sewing cabinet and table. We make it easier than ever to find the very best cabinet or table for you by making this range available online to purchase. These cabinets and tables are specifically designed with sewers needs in mind. Obviously you can’t have a sewing table without a chair, so we also have a selection of sewing chairs made to suit sewing needs. We also have a wonderful range of storage units to keep all of your sewing utensils and accessories neat, tidy and tucked away out of sight.
The range available online has clear product pictures on display so you know what you see is exactly what you are going to get. We have clear and detailed product descriptions online for all of our cabinet, table and storage products. Various shapes, sizes and materials are available and you can find all of this information clearly in our product descriptions.
With free Australia wide delivery available on our sewing products, it’s easy to see why purchasing sewing products online with Janome is the best solution.

Lights and Lighting

We also have a selection of lighting solutions available in our online store. From floor lamps to flexible task lamps, we have the lights you need to light up your workspace. We also have the replacement bulbs on hand that will fit perfectly in the lamps we have for sale. The selection of lights we stock are specifically suited to your sewing needs. Each lamp available had different features you can benefit from so take the time to look over the details on the product pages to ensure you make the correct purchase for you. Shine some light on your best sewing work with our lighting range.

Irons and Ironing Presses

When you spend hours of your time sewing your next masterpiece, you need to ensure you have a quality iron close at hand so that you can iron out any crease or ripple in the fabric. We are your one stop shop for all of your sewing needs, and this extends to your ironing needs to keep your fabric crisp and wrinkle free.
A great alternative to a standard iron in our online store is the iron press. An iron press will offer perfect results every time by providing a quick and simple crease free solution for your fabric. If you prefer a more mobile option, our online store also stocks mini steam and crafting irons. These small and portable irons will save you time and they are super easy to use.
You can take a look at all of the ironing products we have available and read over the product descriptions for each item to determine which is suitable for your needs. At Janome, we have the range of ironing solutions you need.

Oliso Pro Smart Iron (TG1100)

Feet and Accessories

But wait, there is more! You will find even more accessories that you could ever dream of in the feet and accessories section of our online store. Does your sewing machine need some maintenance or replacements? Just pick up a new presser foot, binding attachment or any other spare parts in our online store. We also have extension tables, software, embroidery cards, embroidery hoops and needles available in this section. Be sure to look at the drop down menu under the feet and accessories section of our online store to see all of the product ranges we have available.

All of our products are available online for a reasonable price and our online ordering system could not be easier to use. If your order is over $20, all of the accessories will be delivered free of charge. Your old sewing machine will be transformed and be like new again in no time.

Buy Online Today!

No need to look anywhere else for quick and easy only delivery of sewing machines Australia wide. Our selection of sewing machines online along with the wide range of sewing accessories and products we have available makes us the only place to turn to for your sewing needs in Australia. With free delivery on orders over $20, a quick and easy online ordering process and clear product pictures and descriptions available, Janome is the best choice for your ultimate online sewing solutions.
Have a look through our online store now to look at our great range and make a purchase today!