Janome Needle Threader

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Janome Handheld Needle Threader


Originally called the Handy Needle Threader, the Janome Needle Threader is the perfect tool for those you who have difficulty seeing the eye of the needle. By placing the thread across the threader and with gentle pressure, slide the Janome Needle Threader along the shaft of the needle until it goes through the eye of the needle.

You will be amazed with how simply and easy it is with the Janome Needle Threader!



How to use the Janome Needle Threader:

Threading a needle

  1. Turn off the sewing machine (or overlocker) at the power switch
  2. Hold the grip of the needle threader (with the arrow mark upwards and facing the needle). Guide the thread, inserting it into the Y-Groove of the knob from right to left
  3. Place the V-Groove over the needle just above the eye of the needle
  4. Slide the thread down the shaft of the needle while applying gentle pressure until the threader pin goes into the needle eye. Push the pin through to its maximum and then release the pressure.
  5. Pick up the loop of thread with either the hook on the end of the threader, or use your fingers; and pull the thread through the eye.



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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 7 × 15 × 2 cm
Janome Needle Threader
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