Janome AcuStitch PC Software

See it FIRST here at Janome Sewing Centre! The NEW Janome AcuStitch Tool is now available as a Stand Alone Software for all current Embroidery Models. Create unique stitch patterns and designs, plus custom stitch content with the included Stitch Composer tool!

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PC Software for Embroidery Machines

Now Available! The *NEW* AcuStitch software from Janome, available for MS Windows® operating systems. 

Previously a part of the Janome Horizon Link Suite, the AcuStitch Software is new stand alone software for use with machines MC15000; MC14000; MC12000; MC9900; MC9850; MC500E; MC550E; MC400E; Skyline S9.

Treat yourself to some fun and create circles, lines, hexagons, octagons, triangles – all sewing machine stitches to embroider in your hoop – perfect every time! Resize, re-arrange and change colours of stitches are just some of the cool things you can do with this software.

AcuStitch helps you arrange stitch data in succession, assisting you to create embroidery data for various shapes.

This software has functions to easily make beautiful shapes such as Polygons [corner alignment], Radial Shapes [centering], Circles and ellipses [joining start and end points] etc.

Various Kinds Of Shapes and Abundant Stitch Patterns

Create designs from 17 different shapes and choose from 117 different stitch patterns to use in your project!

Easy-To-Use Functionality

Designs can be created automatically with simple settings. Corner alignment, center alignment, start point and end point alignment can also be done manually. By simply changing the angle, you can create arcs and variations of your design!

Creating Original Embroidery Data

‘Stitch Composer’ software for creating stitch data is included in the software installation DVD. That’s right! You can create your own original stitch data with Stitch Composer, and then create embroidery data for various designs by using AcuStitch! The possibilities are endless!

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Janoem AcuStitch Software
Janome AcuStitch PC Software
$149.00 inc. GST