Janome Accessory of the Month – April

Janome Accessory of the Month

April – Janome Cording Foot


Janome Cording foot for attaching decorative cord to fabric


Cording Foot


Spice up projects or old garments using your Janome sewing machine and Cording Foot, along with a variety of
decorative threads, to create unique effects. On top of the Cording Foot there are three slots in which to place
decorative threads. When you select one of the appropriate stitches, the threads are couched to your fabric as the
decorative threads easily feed through the foot. You can match the sewing thread to the decorative thread or use a
contrasting thread for a more distinct look. You may even want to consider a variegated thread as stand out thread


As pictured, for something different, don’t stitch those decorative threads to the end. Put those scissors away, and keep those threads long, for that sassy tassel look! Alternatively if using cord, you can do the same thing, but remember the days of the old school yard, and plait those ends.


You can also use this foot for shirring (see below image), by using the thread guides to hold your elastic in place whilst sewing. Nice one!

Janome Cording foot for shirring

Click on the following links to go to the right Janome Button Sewing Foot for your sewing machine:



Part Number:

Compatible Sewing Machines

Cording foot 5mm

200 126 009

Front Loading 5mm Machines

Janome Cording Foot 7mm

200 345 006

Top Loading 7mm Machines

Janome Cording Foot 9mm

202 085 001

Top Loading 9mm Machines


Below is the official newsletter for the April Accessory of the Month


Janome Accessory of the Month – April 2016 – Janome Cording Foot

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