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Using the Janome Cording Foot to Produce Beautiful Braids with a Janome Sewing Machine


With the Janome Cording Foot “H”, there is so much that you can do and embellish. While it may look intimidating, the Janome 3-Way Cording Foot for Janome Top Loading Sewing Machines is very easy to make beautiful corded patterns at the end of garments or to create braiding you add directly onto a garment or use as a braid tape. As machines have evolved, so too has the possibilities and the creativity that can be achieved.

janome 3 way cording foot


In this Janome Project, we will use a Janome Computerized Sewing Machine and Cording Foot “H”, along with a variety of decorative threads, to create different styles of corded braid.


Corded Braid Examples using the Janome Cording Foot

What you will need to complete this project:


On top of the cording foot “H” are three slots in which to place decorative threads. When you select one of the appropriate stitches, the threads are couched to your fabric as the decorative threads easily feed through the foot. You can match the sewing thread to the decorative thread or use a contrasting thread for a more distinct look. You may even want to consider a rainbow thread as another thread option.


For sewing your decorative braid in straight line, follow these steps:

  1. Place three cords (of your choosing) into the three slots on the top of the Janome Cording Foot “H” and pull them through to the back of the foot and tie a knot around all three cords, or secure them to the material with a pin.
  2. Feed the ribbon into the foot.
  3. Select the cording stitch on your machine and start sewing.


Your decorative braid project may require you to sew around a corner. To successfully stitch braid around a turn, follow these steps:

  1. When approaching the corner, press the Auto Lock key at the end of the stitch pattern.
  2. Press the Needle Up/Down key to lower the needle into the fabric.
  3. Remove the decorative threads from the slots on the foot.
  4. Turn the fabric 90o.
  5. Place the decorative thread that was in the right hand slot into the left hand slot.
  6. The centre thread remains in the centre slot.
  7. Place the decorative thread that was in the left hand slot into the right hand slot.
  8. Pull the decorative threads to the back of the foot with a pin, ensuring that each thread is in the relevant groove under the foot.
  9. Continue to sew to the next corner and repeat.


Tips and Tricks:

– Refer to the following stitch chart when selecting a braiding stitch

– While this project was designed with the Janome Computerized Sewing Machines in mind, it is still very possible to create a corded braid with a Janome Mechanical Sewing Machine. Simply select the Tricot Stitch.


Stitch Selection Chart


Janome Sewing Machine

Decorative Stitches
DC2050 / DC2150
DC2101 / DC2200
9 (left side)
50, 51
71, 72
59, 60
28, 29
Skyline S3
30 (Mode 2), 31 (Mode 2), 77 (Mode 2)
Skyline S5
68 (Mode 1), 69 (Mode 1)
Skyline S7
01 (Satin), 02 (Satin)
MC8200QC / MC82000QCP
51 (Mode 3), 52 (Mode 3)
MC8900QCP / MC8900QCP SE
131 (Satin), 132 (Satin)

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