Janome Sewing Machines – Which Type is Best For You?

Which Type of Sewing Machine Is Right For You? Here’s the Janome Sewing Machines Guide to Help You.

If you’re planning to buy sewing machine systems any time soon, then you might be intimidated by the number of choices available today.

Need proof? Just take quick look at our Janome Sewing Machines selection, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Even though sewing machines aren’t as popular as they used to be, there are actually more types of it now than ever before. And that’s a good thing, because users are now able to buy sewing machine equipment that best suit their needs.

No matter what you need a sewing machine for, though, it’s always best to get acquainted with its different kinds. That way, you know what type to look for when you’re canvassing for the right sewing machine for you. The following are the main types of sewing machines for sale that you’ll normally find in stores:

Computerised Sewing Machines

Computerised sewing machine.
Computerised sewing machines are among the most modern sewing machines available today. These machines have a microprocessor installed for facilitating a variety of sewing tasks. This means that many of its functions are automated and, depending on the model, even programmable.

Common features include automatic needle positioning, sliding speed control, and stop/start mechanisms that make sewing activities faster and more efficient.
Many of these machines also have buttons for easy manipulation and often come with several settings for standard sewing activities. Some even come with memory banks, which allow you to customise existing pre-sets and save them for easy access in the future.

Because of their versatility, computerised sewing machines are a popular choice for general users. Thanks to its variety of settings and functions, you’ll easily be able to produce decent (if not professional-looking) work with these machines.

These are also ideal for those who want productivity above anything else, since it often saves users significant amounts of time and energy with its automated functions.

Specialty Sewing Machines

Janome specalty sewing machine.
There are several instances when you’ll need to do special sewing activities. For cases like these, a specialty sewing machine is the one to get. Unlike most other sewing machines, however, these machines usually only do one thing – that’s why they’re named as such. But they also do it better or more easily than any other machine.

These days, you’ll come across several models of specialty sewing machines, depending on their specific purpose and function. Janome Sewing Machines, for example, provides specialty sewing machines for felting and cover stitching – two activities that can make your work look more professional.

Because of their unique yet limited functions, specialty sewing machines are normally supplementary machines for sewers and other craftspeople. They’re used more for adding personal touches or improving the quality of work, rather than being a sewing machine for general use.

Price ranges for specialty sewing machines naturally vary, depending mostly on their special use and function.

Mechanical Sewing Machines

Janome mechanical sewing machine.
Mechanical sewing machines are often referred to as the most basic type of sewing machine, not so much because its name (which makes it sound old-fashioned), but because of its mechanical gears and parts. These mechanisms usually have to be adjusted manually by the user, making it a more hands-on experience than other machines.

Although this type of sewing machine does come from the old and traditional sewing machines of decades ago, today’s mechanical sewing machines are actually very modern. They now run on electricity and have knobs and dials for manually adjusting gears and settings.

Like its predecessors, however, they’re usually limited in sewing function, at least compared to today’s other sewing machines. But this is also what makes them so easy to use.

They may do only a few things compared to other machines, but they also do it well and reliably. These machines are particularly great for quick and basic sewing tasks such as alterations, repairs, or simple stitching.

Because of their simplicity, mechanical sewing machines are often the first choice for beginners and those new to sewing. They’re affordable, portable, and durable – ideal features for those who are still learning how to sew.

Quilting Machines

Quilting sewing machine.
As its name suggests, quilting machines are sewing machines that are used mainly for the sewing of quilts and other similar items. Although you can certainly use a regular sewing machine to make quilts, using a machine designed specifically for it will make it much easier and likely produce better results.

That’s because quilting machines are designed to handle large pieces of material for sewing, whether it be quilts, blankets, or other similar items.

To accommodate these larger-sized materials, quilting machines feature specially designed feeding systems. This not only makes stitching such materials more accurate, but also more efficient.

Because quilting machines are more specialised than other sewing machines, they’re also usually more expensive. They’re certainly not for everyone too, primarily catering only to those who frequently work with quilts and similar materials.

Embroidery Machines

Embroidery sewing machine.
Based on its name, it’s easy to conclude that embroidery machines are sewing machines that specialise in embroidery. When it comes creating intricate designs or adding fine details to cloth and fabric, it’s hard to beat a good embroidery machine.

What’s not so obvious, however, is the fact that these machines are also some of the most complex sewing machines available today. Most modern embroidery machines are equipped with features that make embroidery easier, quicker, and ultimately better.

Whether it’s memory banks that allow you to easily reproduce patterns, or perhaps built-in units that make embroidery attachments unnecessary, embroidery machines today are packed with several different features and accessories.

Naturally, this results in a diverse variety of embroidery machines available. The embroidery machines of Janome Sewing Machines, for instance, span from simpler models with default settings and built-in memory.

Children’s Sewing Machine

Children’s sewing machines are machines that are designed for use by children and young learners. As such, safety features and simple mechanics are the main priorities for these machines. They’re often small in size and limited in function so that children can learn the basics of sewing in a safe and simple manner.

Many parents use these machines to introduce their children to sewing. Not only does it teach them how to sew, but also other the lessons that go along with this valuable life skill. That’s because sewing can teach children how to be independent, self-reliant, and expressive.

To the right child, a children’s sewing machine can provide hours of inspired activity and a source of valuable life lessons.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to get a sewing machine for my wife because she wants to know how to embroider. I just didn’t realize that there were so many different kinds! I’ll make sure I get one of the embroidery machines for her. Thanks for sharing!

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