Sewing Machine FAQ

Janome Sewing Machines Brisbane FAQ

Below are some question people often ask about the Brisbane store and about buying Janome sewing machines, we also have some tips and tricks for beginners to give you a hand on your sewing projects!


I would like to be creative with a sewing machine, but feel I don’t have the talent.

We offer unlimited lessons and phone and email support with every new sewing machine! Whether you are just a beginner, or taking up a different way of sewing, we want to help you become a confident and creative sewer. Take advantage of our support system and do more than you imagined possible.

I want to buy my partner a new machine as a present, but I don’t want them to know what it is until they unwrap it. Can you help me?

Yes. We can gift wrap your order for free before sending your sewing machine or overlocker through Australia Post. Furthermore, we can wrap in it black plastic and label the box with a different description of the contents (such as “tools”). You will be the talk of the town! We also offer gift vouchers.

Do you service and repair all brands of sewing machines?

Yes we service and repair all makes and models of sewing machines. Howard Austin and all technicians are factory trained to repair and overhaul all sewing machines, embroidery machines, quilting machines, overlockers and coverstitch machines. We here at Janome Sewing Centre Everton Park offer on the spot, no obligation free quotes, so give us a call on (07) 3355 5522, or email us at [email protected] or drop in to our store at 803 Stafford Road, Everton Park.

I am a teacher at a local high school. Do your repair and service school sewing machines?

Yes we do, we will happily repair and service all sewing machines and overlockers onsite at your grounds, saving you time .

As you know, finding the time to bring the sewing machines to a shop is difficult to say the least, which is why all school servicing is done on site, so that you and your students can be back in action as soon as possible. Just phone us and we will book you in with a time that best suits you.

I prefer to deal with real people rather than an online store, how can I do so?

We have been operating from our shop in Everton Park for nearly 34 years. In that time we have made tens of thousands of customers’ sewing dreams come true.

Howard Austin and his knowledgeable staff are able to help you fulfill YOUR dreams with our friendly advice and service. If at any point you need assistance, you can call one of our friendly staff on 3355 5522 during business hours, or email us at [email protected].

If I buy online, can I still get the unlimited free lessons? 

Yes, we can do the lessons with you, no matter where in Australia you live, we are just a phone call or an email away. The lessons are done with you at a time that is convenient, and with the exact same machine in store, to make sure you get the greatest benefit from your new machine.

We want to see you sewing beautiful items and are available to help you get the best from your machine, over the phone, via email or in person we spend a lot of time each day helping our customers with their sewing. Our number is 3355 5522. You can also email us your questions and we will respond as soon as possible.

What if I am dissatisfied with a purchase?

On the rare occasion that you are unhappy with your purchase, please view our Returns Policy for further information

Why should I buy from Janome Sewing Centre Everton Park Brisbane?

We have some special benefits for customers of our store, they include:

  1. FREE service and adjustment after the first 15 sewing hours (exclusive to Janome Sewing Centre Everton Park) VALUED AT $169.95.
  2. All repairs done on site by qualified and experienced technicians
  3. FREE extended warranty
  4. Optional same day servicing if required – just ask when you book
  5. Unlimited FREE introductory sewing lessons – Beginning & Advanced to suit you and the machine you are using
  6. After hour helpline and email assistance
  7. Friendly and experienced staff
  8. Full time factory trained technician on staff, to ensure you get the best servicing for your machine, and get back to sewing in no time.
  9. FREE pick up and delivery – all areas Australia wide
  10. Because you are important to us!

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Sewing Lady

Tips for Beginning Sewers

How often should I oil my machine?

If you use your sewing machine every day, then you will need to lubricate the machine more often. It only needs a few small drops to keep the machine running smoothly, and the frequency required changes with the amount of use and the type of machine.

If you can’t find the information in your manual, or are not sure about where the oil needs to be placed, feel free to contact the store to confirm the details before you go ahead, we are here to help!

What type of thread should I use?

The majority of household sewing machines have been designed to be used with all-purpose sewing thread, which can be purchased through the store, over the phone or online.

When quilting you can use cotton thread, but for general use most threads are polyester. If you are unsure, we can advise you on the best thread to use for the project you are working on.

What if my thread is bunching up?

If you find while sewing that the thread is not holding tension or bunching up, it would generally be due to the threading of the upper tension being incorrect, or possibly due to the bobbin not threaded or sitting in place.

Check both of those areas first and see if that corrects the issue, if not your machine may be due for a service so it can be checked over and have everything running smoothly again.

Quote Pillow 2-1Quick Tips for Quilters

Want to create different and unusual objects? This lovely pillow was made by Dawn at Simple things notebook.  How creative can you be with quilting? It’s really up to you, here’s our tips for the feet you can use.

I want to get into quilting, what feet do I need to purchase to get the best result from my work?

While every sewer (and quilter) are different, there are a few feet that are always good to start with, here are our recommendations to help you get started.

Walking  Foot (Even Feed Foot)

This foot always you to sew over multiple layers without having the material pucker due to it slipping under the foot.

When it comes to quilting, this foot would be used to sew any work that has wadding  with it. Outside quilting, the walking foot is also perfect for any hard to feed fabrics (such as the “sun backing” on curtains).

Darning Foot (Free Motion Embroidery Foot)

When it comes to doing stippling, this foot is a must have.

As darning feet come in two forms (spring based (sometimes referred to as a “pogo foot”) and fix position, most quilter’s start with the spring based darning foot (as it is most versatile) and then later in their quilting journey will purchase the fix form for specific work.

Ditch Quilting Foot

Piecing your work can be tricky at times (especially when you are trying to sew of the hem (ditch) between two pieces.

This is where this foot comes in very handy. The Ditch Quilting Foot (sometimes referred to as the “Stitch in the Ditch Foot”) uses a guide which separates the work and allows you to effortlessly sew over the seam.

[/one-half]Our experienced staff at Janome Sewing Centre Everton Park are only to happy to help you along with your sewing dreams. We have years of experience in the sewing industry and have seen the changes brought about through updates and advancements in technology, making sewing an easier and more pleasurable hobby. profession or craft time for our valued customers.

If you are unsure on anything about sewing with Janome machines, overlockers or embroidery machines, we can set up a lesson and give you help over the phone or in person, anywhere in Australia. It’s just one of the great services we offer.